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Company information

Leon Spanjersberg, Rik Stoet

On Dutch grounds


Square Audio is based in an industry area in Rijswijk, a small town close to the Dutch coastline and The Hague, our home town. Our company is within 15 minutes reach of all important facilities as highways, public transport, contractors, suppliers and universities. Parts of our country are up to six meters under sea level but we keep it dry by pumping out the water 24 hours a day. One of our pump stations is kept open as a museum. It is still in function with its original machines working on steam!


Dutch waterworks for the delta plan

The Rotterdam harbor, entry to Europe

The Rotterdam harbour, entry to Europe

Steam pump station in Lemmer

The steam pump station in Lemmer



The roots of our company go back to 1928 when Radio was in the early phase. Our company originated from ir. H. Stoet’s Radio, founded by Rik’s grandfather in 1928. He specialized in radio reception and distribution which was in a pioneering state. His company was very active in research and development and became known for it's high quality products in the field of radio reception, aerial distribution, specialized transformers, high quality coils and power supplies. During the years the focus of the company changed from industrial products to consumer products. In the past 30 years we have produced a range of tube amplifier kits, tube amplifiers, CD-players with tube output stages and audio output transformers. During the development of tube amplifiers and CD-players with tube output stage we noticed that their sensitivity for mains born interference and electromagnetic fields are high. We started to do experiments by isolating our equipment from their environment. We used casings around components, different materials for the amplifiers chassis and shielded wiring for all signals. Also the mains cables and mains distribution were part of our research. We started to compare mains cables with different shielding, different earth configuration and other insulation types. All have big influence on an audio systems performance. During the tests we found that chosen insulation materials had strong effects on the imaging and conductors had mainly effects on the tonal balance. This research resulted in the design of our first mains cable.

In 2005 we launched the first Essential Audio Tools products and since then we have been extending our range.

We still have the same standards as in the early days. We like quality and we keep it this way ;-)



As a team we spend a lot of time listening to music. We take time to experiment with our ideas and circuits developed to reach not only measurable but also audible results. We are passionate when it comes to reaching our goals by finding new directions. This is what you will be experiencing too, when using our products.

Development starts with a simple idea. This idea sometimes takes years to become a product that fits our standards. Products must deliver what they promise, which is what we always keep in mind. When designing a new product we realize the value for the money must be high.


We use sophisticated software to design and analyse our process and CAD software to implement our idea, with a real product as a final result.


We are proud that all our products are 100% invented, designed and made in Holland. All production and assembly is done in our own factory, which is why we can continuously monitor the quality of our entire production process.

The housings of our products are milled with our Maple CNC machining centre, which is capable of reaching precision up to 0,001mm. Other parts are machined on a manually operated lathe. Only approved components and high quality materials like POM-C and Delrin are used.

Assembly line of Mains Multiplier 5

Mains Multiplier 5 assembly line



POM-C waste from the machining process is recycled by our suppliers.

We also recycle all metals, cooling fluids, isolation materials and packaging to reach a waste stream of less then 3% of incoming materials. We have a green energy contract with our energy company and try to minimize our energy consumption by working as efficient as possible. It's our daily challenge to keep it this way.



When a product is finished we take good care of the following processes. A rugged packaging, understandable documentation, careful handling, reliable shipping and 100% support to you and our retailers is essential to our products.

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