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Mains Multipliers,
Special filters
& Ultimate protection

Reinventing your
Power Source

As a team we spend a lot of time listening to music. We take time to experiment with our ideas and circuits developed to reach not only measurable but also audible results. We are passionate when it comes to reaching our goals by finding new directions. This is what you will be experiencing too, when using our products.

Development starts with a simple idea. This idea sometimes takes years to become a product that fits our standards. We use sophisticated software to design and analyse our process and CAD software to implement our idea, with a real product as a final result.

Mains Multiplier 5, Mains Multiplier 7, Mains Multiplier 8

Cleaning the pollution from your mains supply

Our “Essential Audio Tools” are products to improve the sound of your audio equipment where it all begins: the mains power supply. The power from the mains socket is being “abused” even before it enters your audio equipment. The energy company uses the mains supply to control government property equipment, like streetlights. Also, other equipment is communicating with each other by use of the mains power supply. But there is more: in the past 25 years, switching power supplies have made their way into computers, TV’s and other home appliances. These devices pollute the mains supply with nasty pulses. This “Trojan Horse” comes into your equipment without knowing it. The pollution has to be taken out of the mains power supply before it reaches your (analogue) audio equipment. This is exactly what our distribution boxes do.

Our classifications

Starting with our 'standard' mains multipliers; the type of the sockets is chosen because of the high contact pressure, which is obvious when putting in or pulling out a power plug. More contact pressure and an optimal contact surface do create a low resistance value, which is very important for a good power distribution. 

The wiring from phase, neutral and earth is connected by a star principle. Every output has its own wiring towards the input connector. Peaks in the current or interference signals that appear on the earth contacts of one socket will now have less effect on the other sockets.


Just behind the IEC input connector, a Pulse Protector is integrated. This prevents peaks and pulses to reach your equipment. For more information, read about the Pulse Protector elsewhere on this site. Depending on which Mains Multiplier, a couple of outputs are fitted with internal high frequency filters which contribute to a natural sound and detailed image.

Mains Multiplier 5 - High end power distribution
Mains Multiplier 7 - High end audio power distribution box
Mains Multiplier 8 - High end audio power distribution

The features named earlier are included in each of our Mains Multipliers. The '+' models contain more unique features. 


The Mains Multiplier+ versions are equipped with our unique Ground-Bridge selector. It offers you the option to connect to an external earth instead of the earth from the wall socket, which is shared with all other devices in your house.  In most cases this external earth is a special copper electrode placed deep into the ground, outside your house, preferably it is used for your audio only.


With the Ground-Bridge placed between the black and the green connector you have your Mains Multiplier+ connected to the wall socket earth. With the Ground-Bridge placed between both black connectors you can feed the external earth to the green connector on the mains multipliers.

Short circuit connection bridge vector

Mains supply earth connected

Short circuit connection bridge vector

External earth connected

Beside the Ground-Bridge they contain a phase indicator. The Mains Multiplier+ versions and Mains Multiplier 8 all have a very clever way to indicate that it is connected to the mains supply the right way. Two LEDs will show you if the Mains Multiplier has an input voltage, if earth is present and if the mains supply's phase is connected properly.

If the Mains Multiplier+ versions are connected the right way, you will see two green lights. If one light is off or one light is red, something is wrong with your connection. Have a look at the figure for an explanation of the different indications. Positioning of the LED's differ depending on which Mains Multiplier is used.

The right corresponding images of both details can be found within the user manuals.

Vector of phase indication

At last, the Mains Multipliers differ in filtered output sockets. Our 'standard' product line have High-Frequency filtered sockets. Additional to these High-Frequency filters we've added high current contacts in our Mains Multiplier+ products. This enables the product to be used for higher current demanding equipment. Next to these high current output sockets they also contain individual filtered contacts for medium current loads, these could also be used for digital sources.

Mains Multiplier 6+ - High end audio power supply
Mains Multiplier 8+ - High end audio power supply

Real game changing filters are included in our Filtered Multiplier 8, our flagship product. The Filtered Multiplier 8 is the heaviest multiplier in the world, weighing 18.5 kg. This heavyweight champion offers two kinds of filtering. Each of those are grouped together.

Group I

Group I has two unfiltered direct mains connections to facilitate the use of heavy power amplifiers and subwoofers.

Group II

Group II contacts each have their own high frequency Common Mode filter, so in total two filters can be found in this group. Connected loads do not 'see' each other and disturbances from the mains supply or disturbances induced by one of the loads will not have a negative effect on the overall audio performance.

Group III

Group III has four outputs, all together connected to a heavy Differential Mode / Common Mode filter and finally a separate Common Mode filter for each output. The integrated DC blocker removes any DC offset from the mains voltage, preventing humming transformers in the load. To Group III you can connect sources like CD-players, turntables and D/A converters.

All the Mains Multipliers mentioned earlier have their own product page. Here, you can find more in depth information 

about the individual product. 

Worth referring to are our power cables. These cables offer a lot more than just good looks;

  • Lower the external field

  • Lowers the negative effects from existing fields.

  • Can easily transport high currents without power loss.

  • Are made of high quality Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) stranded wires.

More details about our power cables can be found here.

High end audio power supply - Blurred Filtered Multiplier 8
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