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Pulse Protector



  • Eliminates peaks and spikes on your mains supply

  • Protects your equipment

  • Gives you a more transparent sound stage

The Pulse Protector is incorporated in 
our Mains Multipliers
High end audio power supply - Multiple Mains Multipliers

What to expect?


Because pulses now are suppressed, your equipment will have less problems like getting stuck or spontaneously attempting the wrong actions. Your mains supply is better protected against damage by lightning impact nearby. A guarantee that lightning impacts will not damage your equipment can not be given, for that the amount of energy involved is too large.


An improvement in the dynamics, increased quality of the sound image and suppression of the hum level. The sound character of the audio system remains, fortunately!

Where to use?


There are two possible situations. You know where the pulses originate, or you have no clue where they're coming from.


When you know which device produces the interference, you can solve the problem at the source. Place the Pulse Protector as close as possible to the device that is producing these pulses, preferably in the same (wall) socket. With 'as close as possible' we really mean as close as possible. Every centimeter away from the source will make the Pulse Protector less effective. Most likely this will solve the problem.

When you don't know were the interference is coming from, you can only prevent them to reach your audio system by placing the Pulse Protector as close as possible to the device(s) you want to protect. Here the same rule counts: put the Pulse Protector in the same (wall) socket where also your audio device is connected to.


Placing several Pulse Protectors in the same area will not have a negative effect. They can not damage your system and don't consume energy. Wherever a Pulse Protector is placed pulses make no chance!

Working principle


Interferences mostly arise on the network when switching a device on or off, but the disturbances can also be induced by industry in the neighbourhood or elevators in the building. Also computers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, power drills and many other to the mains supply connected appliances can cause interferences.


The presence of interference can be heard, but small interferences can only be proven by assistance of special measurement equipment. When you are having trouble with a CD- or DVD player that gets stuck in the menu, a tuner that for no reason jumps to another station, or a garage door that spontaneously opens, then it's possible that a Pulse Protector will solve your problems.


The Pulse Protector is a robust assembled plug with components that convert each pulse above 250 Volt into thermal energy. By monitoring the Phase-Neutral, Phase-Earth and Neutral-Earth circuits, your equipment is in save hands. The Pulse Protector is not a filter. All signals under the 250 Volt barrier pass, high as well as low frequencies. The Pulse Protector will not even take notice of low voltage signals.

Therefore.....there will be no difference in sound character or sound image!

Phase-Neutral, Fase-Earth

and Neutral-Earth

250 Volt

2500 Volt

4500 Ampere

3x65 Joule

<25 nanoseconds

39.5mm diameter x 65mm (without pins)

110 gram



Maximum voltage:

Maximum peak voltage:

Maximum peak current:

Maximum peak energy:

Response time:



Checking out the phase of your mains supply, equipment and good filtering are also beneficial to your Hi-Fi system. These benefits can be achieved with our Sound Saver and our well reviewed Noise Eater.

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