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Sound Saver



  • Indicates which of the two contacts of your mains supply is phase

  • Checks your earth connection

  • Detects if your mains supply is normal type or balanced type

High end audio power supply - Mains Multiplier 8+ Sound Saver feature
The Sound Saver is incorporated in our
MM6+MM8, MM8+ and FM8

What to expect?


Don't expect another miracle. There will be a difference, but we can not tell you how big the difference will be. It depends on your mains supply, your power cords and your equipment.

The differences will be noticeable in spatial performance and details on a low sound level.


A good solution stands or falls with good quality power cords and a good multiple socket. The Sound saver is just a step in the right direction.

Where to use?


The Sound Saver should be used to measure the mains contacts you use for your audio equipment. Measure every contact, also when more contacts are in the same multiple socket. We have seen strange situations till now, you can better be sure. Mark the phase with a dot or a sticker on each contact. Also mark the plug of your multiple socket, so you know how it was inserted in the mains (wall) socket during your measurements.


Don't leave the Sound Saver in your (wall) socket all the time. It is a measurement tool which is not made to work constantly.

Working principle


For a good audio performance it is very important that the equipment is connected to the mains supply the right way. But which way is right? Manufacturers often indicate phase on their equipment or plug, so the only thing to find out is where the phase on the mains wall socket is.


It is also important for your audio equipment to have a correct earth connection. Not having an earth connection is an unsafe condition. A bad earth condition or no earth at all can cause problems in sound reproduction. Hum is a very audible result, but sometimes we just realize what details we miss until we hear this piece of music somewhere else.


The Sound Saver has a clever circuit which measures both mains supply contacts and earth. With two LEDs it indicates which mains contact is phase. Only one LED will light. The other mains contact is neutral; which is at about the same level as earth. Watch out, it should be in theory! In practice, due to some effects in loads or equipment, the neutral and earth can differ up to some volts. The result of this difference in voltage can be very serious for your sound quality.

If the Sound Saver gives no indication at all, the mains earth contact is not connected. Watch out! No LEDs lighting does NOT mean no voltage! Don't touch the bare contacts of the mains supply, this can be very dangerous. When both LEDs light up, you have a balanced mains condition. Here the difference between phase and neutral can not be determined, in fact the contacts are both phase. This condition is problematic, but can give -under strict terms- some advantages for equipment with problematic power supplies.


The Sound Saver is your easy tool to answer questions about connecting your equipment to the mains supply properly.

39.5mm diameter x 65mm (without pins)

115 gram





Phase on left


Phase on right contact

Balanced mains supply

No earth or mains supply present

Protection of your mains supply, equipment and good filtering are also beneficial to your Hi-Fi system. These benefits can be achieved with our Pulse Protector and our well reviewed Noise Eater.

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