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Sound Saver,

Pulse Protection

& Noise Eater


The roots of our company go back to 1928 when Radio was in the early phase. We originate from ir. H. Stoet's Radio, a company known for their high quality products in the field of radio reception, aerial distribution, industrial transformers and power supplies. We have been producing a range of tube amplifiers and amplifier kits, CD-players with tube output stages and audio output transformers in the past twenty years.

In 2005 we started with the first Essential Audio Tools product and since then we have been extending our range. Throughout these years we've accumulated a lot of results from our extended researches. Enabling the possibility to produce products improving your overall soundstage.

So far we've launched three audio tools accessories.

Pulse Protector

Interferences mostly arise on the network when switching a device on or off, but the disturbances can also be induced by industry in the neighbourhood or elevators in the building. Also computers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, power drills and many other to the mains supply connected appliances can cause interferences.


The presence of interference can be heard, but small interferences can only be proven by assistance of special measurement equipment. When you are having trouble with a CD- or DVD player that gets stuck in the menu, a tuner that for no reason jumps to another station, or a garage door that spontaneously opens, then it's possible that a Pulse Protector will solve your problems.


The Pulse Protector is a robust assembled plug with components that convert each pulse above 250 Volt into thermal energy. By monitoring the Phase-Neutral, Phase-Earth and Neutral-Earth circuits, your equipment is in safe hands. The Pulse Protector is not a filter. All signals under the 250 Volt barrier pass, high as well as low frequencies. The Pulse Protector will not even take notice of low voltage signals. Therefore.....there will be no difference in sound character or sound image!

Pulse Protector 0742288391776

Sound Saver

It's all in the name, very Essential Audio Tools for your hi-fi. Better reproduction means more involvement, that is why our products are focussed on the power supplied to your equipment. Only when good care is taken for the power supply, you will benefit from all details in your music. For example, stray-fields and spikes coming from external (non-audio) equipment can be noticeable. Also having no earth, or having a low quality earth, can be very harmful.

The use of good quality power cords (with well-designed screening), multiple sockets (with star-wiring), checking out the phase of your mains supply and equipment and a good filtering gives the music a neutral sound and opens up many details.

Our 'tools' are very well-designed and manufactured. Have a look at our products and visit one of our dealers to have a listen. You will be surprised!

Sound Saver 0742288391783
High end audio power accessoires - Sound Saver

The Sound Saver has a clever circuit which measures both mains supply contacts and earth. With two LEDs it indicates which mains contact is phase. Only one LED will light. The other mains contact is neutral; which is at about the same level as earth. Watch out, it should be in theory! In practice, due to some effects in loads or equipment, the neutral and earth can differ up to some volts. The result of this difference in voltage can be very serious for your sound quality.

If the Sound Saver gives no indication at all, the mains earth contact is not connected. Watch out! No LEDs lighting does NOT mean no voltage! Don't touch the bare contacts of the mains supply, this can be very dangerous. When both LEDs light up, you have a balanced mains condition. Here the difference between phase and neutral can not be determined, in fact the contacts are both phase. This condition is problematic, but can give -under strict terms- some advantages for equipment with problematic power supplies.


The Sound Saver is your easy tool to answer questions about connecting your equipment to the mains supply properly.

Noise Eater

Low distortion on your mains supply is hard to detect, you need assistance of special measurement equipment. The effect of the distortion however is very audible. You need a special filter to clean your mains supply without slowing down currents.


The Noise Eater is a parallel filter, this means that the mains supply current which feeds your audio equipment will not flow through the components of the filter. In fact, the filter is only 'monitoring' the mains supply and then traps the distortion signals. Currents will not slow down and the distortion will be gone!


The Noise Eater circuit has been extensively tested, to ensure the sound character of the music remains intact! The circuit itself has been poured into resin to prevent it from vibrating. Even the shell of the Noise Eater is a solid piece of POM-C material brought into shape by a CNC lathe. So the Noise Eater IS not just a great filter….. it also has the LOOKS of a great filter!

The Noise Eater removes disturbances and noise from the mains supply. Because the mains current "passes-by" the filter it will not produce heat. The sound character of your system will certainly not change, but the calmness in the sound and the stability of the image will be very noticeable, especially during working hours when there are more disturbance on the mains supply. The Noise Eater is a small investment with maximum performance. The difference is audible immediately!

These products function with any kind of equipment. Although we recommend using our Mains Multipliers in combination with our power cords. Depending on which Mains Multiplier you use, these audio tools might already be integrated. 

High end audio power accessoires - Pulse Protector
High end audio power accessoires - Noise Eater
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