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23 aug. 2021

Square Audio

Live on Social Media

Increasing our reach, showcasing our products, but most importantly more portals to reach out to us!

As of today we are live on multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Social media will help us engage with our customers even better. Through these channels we'll also have the tools to present and share our expertise to the world, which will increase our overall visibility.

We stand for high quality products, everyone who owns an Essential Audio Tools product will agree, 'Hearing is believing'. We also want that same level of quality with our relationships and customers.

Don't worry, beside this 'new' effective way of interacting online we still enjoy face-to-face contact!

  • Facebook - grijze cirkel
  • LinkedIn - grijze cirkel
  • YouTube - grijze cirkel
  • Instagram - grijze cirkel
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