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14 feb. 2022

Square Audio

Maple ME 855 CNC machine

All good things come to an end. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to the Cincinnati Milacron Dart 500, this machine has been a pleasure to us for the past 15 years. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce to you.. our new CNC machine!

This brand-new Maple ME-series CNC machine is now part of our workshop. It is the ultimate all-rounder with its innovative design and cutting edge technologies.

Every day presents different challenges. Luckily, the Maple ME-series has what it takes to tackle just about anything: versatility. Its super wide base design provides great balance of the machine and opens up to create a platform capable of supporting up to 1400kg. With high-end servomotors that are directly connected to the ball screw, not one single ounce of power is lost during transmission.

The high speed tool changer will change a tool within 1.8 seconds. This is one of the fastest performing tool change speed on the market. To keep in control we've chosen for a Siemens controller running Sinumerik. Advanced software which can be combined with standard ISO programming language. In comparison to our older machine we can now achieve more accuracy than ever before and reach higher production speeds.

The only thing holding us back is our own creativity, the new possibilities are endless! Who knows what the future holds..

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