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31 okt. 2021

Square Audio

NEW Current Conductor S

Without noticing we are in a very polluted environment. Everywhere around us fields arise from currents flowing through conductors, signals from radio stations/mobile phones and other communication networks. Electromagnetic interference is not visible to us, it's just there. Each device using energy causes fluctuations on the network in the form of peaks or surges, or causes a variation in the electromagnetic fields in the air. The effects occur around the device itself and on its mains supply, but even far away from the device the fields are still measurable.

Many power cords for audio purposes look beautiful, just like ours. But appearance is not all! The Current Conductor S is a dual shielded-cable. The outside shield is NOT braided steel (a steel screening does not function as a shield but is meant to protect the cable against physical force). Instead, the Current Conductor has a braided high density COPPER screen with tin protection against oxidation. Under the tinned copper shielding lies a 100% closed aluminium foil for suppression of high frequencies. In contradiction to a synthetic foil, this solution works!

The use of good quality power cords (with well-designed screening), multiple sockets (with star-wiring), checking out the phase of your mains supply and equipment and a good filtering gives the music a neutral sound and opens up many details.

What to expect?

The result of experimenting with our power cords can vary from small changes to big surprises. The most heard improvement is the quietness in silent parts of the music as well as more noticeable details and more holographic soundstage.

A high quality recording with on average a low volume and high dynamics will benefit most from the lowered background noise. This background is most described by our users as "dark" and "deep".

What are the benefits compared to the Current Conductor L?

The Current Conductor S is significantly more flexible than it's bigger brother. Thus, the cable is easier to guide and manoeuvre around your audio equipment. Next to that the cable is smaller in diameter, which also contributes to managing your power cords a bit more convenient. Don't worry, the cable looks similar, so it will still match your other Essential Audio Tools' cables.

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