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31 mrt. 2022

Square Audio

NEW Mains Multiplier Myni

Due to customer feedback we've designed a new and unique product. Regular power strips are often large products which take a lot of space around your audio set. The Mains Multiplier Myni is specifically engineered to be positioned right next to your audio equipment and is the smallest high end mains extension box on the market!

To shrink significantly in size we've swapped our schuko outlets for IEC contacts to reduce its dimensions while maintaining remarkable contact pressure for electrical conduction. Because of its small size it is easy to place close to your audio set, even in a cabinet. As electricity fields can affect audio signals, the Myni has a pure copper cage of Faraday inside blocking incoming and outgoing electromagnetic interferences.

The Myni also includes all other features as our other Mains Multipliers, like a built-in Pulse Protector, 2 HF filtered outputs and star-wiring.

To connect your audio equipment to the Myni, two types of (output) cables are added to our product range; the Myni Conductor IEC and Myni Conductor Figure 8. These cables have double shielding and are very flexible even though they offer the same benefits as our thicker Current Conductors.

The Mains Multiplier Myni will be delivered with one 'Current Conductor S' input cable and two 'Myni Conductor IEC' output cables.

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